Be the Change You Desire to See!

My mother’s words constantly play in my head daily. She used to always say, ‘Love ❤️ is a verb…an action word.  It’s deeper than what you say, it’s a testament to what you DO!’ We all have gifts and talents that we can share. I believe deep in my soul it starts with the powerContinue reading “Be the Change You Desire to See!”

Relationship Blues: Poor Decisions

I believe the biggest problem for men and women is poor decisions! Unfortunately, in my opinion too many people including men and women select partners or mates for ABSOLUTELY THE WRONG REASONS! Overall, I think women focus on finding stability too much and men focus on physical attractiveness too much. As a result, both usuallyContinue reading “Relationship Blues: Poor Decisions”

College Freshman 101: Date Rape & Safety!

Reflection This post is detailed and may be too descriptive for some. My hope is not to offend, but to share my previous challenges…a glimpse inside my head…maybe it sounds familiar. The funniest thing about obstacles and challenges is that they seem to always be delivered without an introduction or a warning. In 2009, IContinue reading “College Freshman 101: Date Rape & Safety!”

National HIV Testing Day

Today is National HIV testing day! As a HIV/ AIDS, Program Coordinator it is very important to know your status! Black women are being effected by the disease the most! Knowledge is power and can save your life! So many advances has been made with medications and practices to treat the disease. SharePrintRSS Service STI/HIV/AIDSContinue reading “National HIV Testing Day”