Your Blue Print

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Good Morning! I hope all is well in your world.  I just viewed a wonderful video and wanted to share! Please, feel free to add a comment and share your thoughts, too!  Have a [...]

Purpose, Worth & Value

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The year was 2015, New Year's Eve, and I remember questioning my purpose, value and worth.  It was also my birthday, and I spent most of the day reflecting, hurt and disappointed.  My birthday falls [...]

Now is the time

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Happy Thankful, Thursday! Everyday is a gift and yesterday reminded me of my purpose he gave me on earth-- to serve. My prayers have changed to: Lord how can I serve? and Who do you [...]

Love shouldn’t Hurt!

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"It is estimated that every 9 seconds, a woman is abused/ battered” – The Department of Justice, 1997 Today, I decided to put out into the universe some helpful information to help women or anybody [...]

Happy 2015

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The wonderful feeling about a new year is the energy and idea that we can create a new day. Personally, I'm so thankful to be here and still standing. Last year for me was truly [...]


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Last year, I purchased a extra Valentine's Day card for my mother because I assumed she would be here so why not be practical and be proactive for next year. Silly, I never imagined my [...]


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Unfortunately, most people who have been cheated on, are 1000% AWARE! Likewise, there is no such thing of blindsiding a sane stable person. Often we select to put on our blinders because we are simply [...]

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