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The year was 2015, New Year’s Eve, and I remember questioning my purpose, value and worth.  It was also my birthday, and I spent most of the day reflecting, hurt and disappointed.  My birthday falls on the last day of the year, and my biggest issue was adjusting to the fact my mother would not be calling from heaven to say, “Happy Birthday!”  She was one of the few people who understood me. No long explanation…just a look or glance, and she knew exactly what I needed.

My mother was my prayer partner, friend, counselor, nurse, doctor, business owner, cheerleader, driver, encourager, human Bible and wonderful cook.  It took all thoses years to really get the concept: WE ARE ALL ON BORROWED TIME.  No longer will there be days of coming home to precious birthday cards, cake or ice cream.  And so, I tried to find my value and worth by purchasing some extremely expensive shoes.  It felt awesome when they arrived in the mail. As a matter of fact, I purchased more. Then, I tried on the first pair, and quickly discovered, the shoes did not serve me well.  My husband and I, attended a gala fundraiser, and I had to hold on to him for dear life.  I hastily learned, five and six inch heels are downright unbearable, and if I exceeded 5 minutes my toes would soon blister up in heat.  Hence, I made a decison. I finally accepted that my gorgeous shoes are not comfortable on Sharon’s feet, they had to GO. As a result, I truly understand the principle, anything that does not serve you good, release it, and let it GO.  I’m listing them, and using the money to BLESS someone else in need. Time has taught me, the true value is not what shoes I’m wearing, it’s WHO is wearing the shoes. When we understand whole heartedly, that we are God’s children.  We will understand our purpose, worth and value, which comes from God in Heaven– never things!   I’ve learned, when I follow after God/ Lord, have a servant heart, think about what I can give, oppose to what I can get.  The Lord/God always provides.  We are all agents assigned to ensure someone knows him through our light/actions/works– not our shoes. If we love him, then everyone should be able to know; because our actions will paint a clear story. Love is a verb, something you do and not just say.  Anything you love, you spend time, money, resources and attention to.  Love goes the distance, and isn’t there when it is convenient.  People often get love and like confused. Like never goes the distance–no real substance or benefits.

In conclusion, we all should strive to be whole, happy, and balanced. Be still, and know that God is always in control.  Anything that doesn’t serve you usefully, release it! Love is a verb and your actions verify your words.  Always walk in agreement.  Thank you for visiting my page and have an awesome day!🌺🌺🌺

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I simply believe everyone can be or do something great if they choose to use their God given talents.

6 thoughts on “Purpose, Worth & Value

  1. I fully agree and I follow the Five W’s of life. Who you are is what makes you special. Do not change your stripes in life.
    What lies ahead will always be a mystery. Do not be afraid to explore.
    When life pushes you over, push back harder.
    Where there are choices to be made, make the ones you won’t regret.
    Why things happen we will never no for certain. Take it in stride and move forward.

  2. Thanks for sharing Sharon, very thought provoking and beautiful perspective. I do understand your pain of missing your mother’s loving touch, smile and selfless love especially on your Birthday. She always loved, prayed and made everyone feel that everything is going to be ok. Unfortunately, it is human of us all to sometimes get weak and seek our happiness and love from people and things. Sometimes we can go overboard and shop to fulfill a void. I think we all should treat ourselves sometimes to something nice but sometimes the devil can get busy and deceive us to be wasteful and feel alone, especially when we loss a close and dear Loved one such as a Mother. I agree if the shoes are unbearable get rid of them. However because I’m single and Love heels you can just pass those shoes over to me… LoL I will make good use of them… You are such a sweetheart and I do appreciate you giving me your beautiful expensive shoes. I love the fact that you are the Epitome of passing on God’s Favor through mentorship and financial blessings to help our Youth flourish with their self esteem and academic endeavors.. ❤️👑😘

  3. Awesome perspective. Its with wisdom that one can be in tuned to what really matters in life. I learned at an early age that God’s love for me is a feeling that money can’t buy. Like most women, I too have felt that buying things made me feel good and then after its use I no longer had a feeling towards that item. When I became aware of it I wanted something different. It was at that moment that I understood that God will provide us with what we need and when he provides, that feeling is unyeilding. Living in Gods purpose for me is my focus. Make no mistake about it – I’m grateful to God for providing me a lifestyle in which I can purchase expensive things but my wisdom and love for God has taught me that God’s mercy and grace is sufficient enough! I want God to continue to shine his light on my purpose and show me off like a trophy : )

  4. Life is a beautiful journey and a gift from God. When we live it with that purpose in mind, our lives began to reflect the image of Jesus Christ. We love , we teach, we share, we open the doors of our hearts without limitations. Your mother was a living example. A legacy that now rest in the hands of the beautiful seeds she planted. Let them continue to grow in you.
    Beautiful tribute!! Extremely inspirational.
    Love the shoes, will NEVER wear them, but I love the shoes. Be Blessed

  5. I love it … This is so encouraging. If we all would look inside ourselves and see that its not always about us and that its about others we would make some major changes in our world.

  6. That was refreshing. When I looked at the picture of the shoe I immediately said I could never wear that, lol. Reading the substance it kept me in perspective of life in general. Sometimes we all get lost in the material things in life but it’s after that material really didn’t make you feel better you realize just what you said. Live life as God would want you to. Try to understand your purpose and share with others. Too many people have no idea of what their purpose is because they are so into the material things. As Creflo Dollar states “In all you get, get understanding.”

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