Happy Thankful, Thursday! Everyday is a gift and yesterday reminded me of my purpose he gave me on earth– to serve. My prayers have changed to: Lord how can I serve? and Who do you want me help?  No more prayers of  what can I get, but what can I GIVE.

Previously, I was a medical case manager for terminally/ chronic ill patients. When you’re this type of manager, you see your clients monthly mostly, and they accept you like family. Sometimes even closer. I’ve learned they are the most kindest and humblest people; because they focus on things that really matter.

They are an absolute delight to talk to and know. The world can definitely use more kindness, and everyday, I think we should strive to see someone smile, and let our light be so bright it eases the burdens of whomever comes our way. 

Let’s celebrate birthdays more, and express how we feel about our dear ones while they are here. Several years ago, on my way to a home visit, I saw a SUV and car collide, and flip completely over right before me. I pulled over and thanked God for his timing for covering me, and I prayed for the families involved. In minutes, life can change!  So, let’s do things NOW, say I love you often, love through your actions, treat everyone the way you want to be treated, because each day counts  and our days are numbered.