Life ABC’s

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Hello family and friends, I just saw a great note online and wanted to share: The Present is a Gift, that is why we must always look at our glass life handed you and be [...]

My Salutatorian

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When Jared was 2, his father and I divorced and my son blessed me by showing me at the tender age of 2 that fathers are very important!!! I remember the first difficult task was [...]

Dark Skin

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Good Morning, Wow I saw a movie preview for a documentary name "Dark Child", very powerful and made me shed a few tears! This was my life story! When I had my children, the very [...]

Affirming Children

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I saw online something great that needed to be shared. Our children need to be affirmed in order for them to be and do great things. Everybody needs and deserves to feel loved and appreciated. [...]

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