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I just saw a great note online and wanted to share:

4th of July in Chicago

The Present is a Gift, that is why we must always look at our glass life handed you and be GRATEFUL!!!  Someone at any given point will always admire and would like to switch if they could.  Life is simply about learning how to dance in the rain and remain positive while the storm is coming down.  The good thing about rain storm is that we all know eventually, they all come to an end!!!  I’m simply so thankful and absolutely loving life and appreciating all of God’s grace, mercy and blessing!!! 

God is always on time and the Lord is always there!  So thankful that we loved us first and he is soooo forgiving!!!

 Accept differences; Be kind; Count your blessings; Dream; Express thanks; Forgive; Give freely; Harm no one; Imagine more; Jettison anger; Keep confidences; Love truly; Master something; Nurture hope; Open your mind; Pack lightly; Quell rumors; Reciprocate; Seek wisdom; Touch hearts; Understand; Value truth; Win graciously; Xeriscape; Yearn for peace; Zealously support a worthy cause.

Happy 4th of July Weekend!!!


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  1. This is all very true. We must be careful on whom we allow in our circle. The actions of others Are like a rock tossed into a pond, the ripples will effect all that they come into contact with. Only being around like minded people will we be able to maytain a type of stability and growth in a positive direction. Only by being on a close relationship with The Lord will we be able to obtain the strength and sight needed to see that which ic cloaked and repel it.

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