Unfortunately, most people who have been cheated on, are 1000% AWARE! Likewise, there is no such thing of blindsiding a sane stable person. Often we select to put on our blinders because we are simply not ready to deal with the truth.

We all learned as children that hiding from a problem never solves anything but prolongs the issues. Prayer, honesty, open communication, forgiveness, respect and addressing all the Core Issues is the only real solution.

Since communication is now 90% non-verbal, almost every person I have ever spoken to who has been cheated on, knew, who, what, when, where, why and even sometimes how. All this non-sense of not knowing is just foolishness.

Body language is almost involuntary, so everything a person really needs to know, is usually right there looking them dead in the face. Regardless to not having concrete evidence. However, if more people accepted the naked truth facts around them, we would be a lot better off.

If something, looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, smell like a duck, then by all means stop all the analysis and just accept it is a DUCK! If your significant other displays any of the following red flags you may want to accept the duck status for sure!!!

1. Indifferent towards you!

2. Inattentive to your needs and wants!

3. Working late unexpectedly or all the time!

4. Bathes or shower as soon as they hit the door!

5. Never want to spend quality time together!

6. Refuses to communicate with you!

7. Has become a stranger in the house!

8. No connection intimately or concern for your satisfaction!

9. Unsupportive of your dreams or aspirations!

10. Negative towards your goals & vision for your life!

11. Has guy or girl trip plans to travel to Brazil or the Dominican Republic.  It’s not for fishing or golfing of the normal sort 😜.  

12. A sudden change in their physical appearance, dress and demeanor!

13. Excessive talking on the cell or texting frequently! Locks it too!

14. Obsession with their personal computer or laptop!

15. An absolute change in attitude and perspective!

16. Wear cologne or perfume all of a sudden!

17. Never affirm their significant other or compliment them.  Plus suddenly stops complaining!!!  Normally a back up has been hired πŸ˜‰!  The website Ashley Madison has made millions by setting up marrying individuals who still like to explore.  

18. Take, Take, Take & Never Give!!!

19. Unexplained STDπŸ˜‘. 

20. Loves Porn, No discipline or integrity!!!

21.  Feels unappreciated, neglected,  taken for granted, resentment, stifled or unattended, is a great recipe for a side piece invite.  

Enough said already!