I would love to tell my story of faith, God and overwhelming pain. I truly remember all to well a very shy girl from the south side of Chicago with not too much but with a lot of love and a great family. When I hear about all the violence in Chicago and discord going on, I remember my mother saying God is the same yesterday, today & forever! I remember being afraid of going back to grad school and then the day came and I had to bury my son.

I just had a child by C-Section, 19 staples, chest in pain from the milk, and my son passed away! I’m in the maternity ward and babies are everywhere except mines. Thankful, the Staff at the University of Chicago had a heart. Put me in a private room and took me off that ward. I remember being in that room, alone & thinking God, if I can live through this, getting my Masters will be a breeze! It was! I graduated from Spertus College in 1999 with a Masters in Human Service Administration with a GPA of 3.8. Thank God for his Grace, that was 19 years ago on 6/25/95. I will never forget Deloris Foster, Jacqueline Glass, Tiffany Roberson, Michelle Davis, Chris McMorris, John Williams, my Parents and Tamla Jarrett. God Grace and the love and support of friends and family is how we make it to see the sun again!