Relationship Blues: Poor Decisions

I believe the biggest problem for men and women is poor decisions!

Unfortunately, in my opinion too many people including men and women select partners or mates for ABSOLUTELY THE WRONG REASONS!
Overall, I think women focus on finding stability too much and men focus on physical attractiveness too much.

As a result, both usually end up in a troubled relationships because the motives or goals in the first place were way off. People should focus on character traits that mean something at the end of the day like the following: loving, spiritual, goal orientated, focused, intelligent, nice, friendly, integrity, hard-working, visionary, a giver, CLEAN, Funny, Nice, mentally stability, consistent, excellent cook, no sexual hang-ups, family focused, risk taker, spontaneous and finally honest.

As a result, I truly believe if the selection process was based on substance, those things, relationship would improve 95%. In addition, please know that I agree that it is nice to have a man who is financial and physically stable. But I believe in first possessing what I want. If a woman want a stable man with good credit, well by all means in my opinion she should come to the table with the same things to offer!   Likewise, I believe if a man want a top 10 super model, he needs to bring the eye candy to the table as well.

The nerve of some men that want a super model, that personally possess 3 extra stomachs and a spare. That is so funny to me. I truly believe that men and women have to learn the art of being an asset and not a liability.

Finally, I believe relationships are meant to be like cake and icing. Icing make a cake taste better, it enhances the cakes favor. But let the truth be told, cake still taste very good on its own! Being your own happiness to the relationship table😊.

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2 thoughts on “Relationship Blues: Poor Decisions

  1. Well said! I wrote an article a few years ago called “What’s with the F’ing List?” that mirror your sentiments exactly. There’s nothing wrong with wanting certain traits or characteristics in your mate but you have to be realistic about what you’re searching for and this requires a true self assessment of where you are and where you’re going in life.
    Most importantly though, I don’t believe that anyone should be told to lower their standards and accept someone that’s not heading in the same direction that they are. If you want someone that’s out of your league “Step up your Game.”

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