Communication is Vital – 5 Great Examples

Greatness is a Choice


Is it possible to have great relationships? I think so if we make choices that are in agreements with our vision for our life. Yesterday, as I was reviewing one of my favorite sites it dawned on me why do so many people in relationships ignore extremely obvious signs of “Disaster”? Is it not common knowledge that communication is 80% non-verbal? Likewise, non-verbal communication is not sign language or letter writing because those forms would still require the use of words. Non-verbal communication is body language…which happends to be the things that your body does without any conscious thought that always tell the real story.

For example, if someone simply asks me “How are you Sharon” and I reply wonderful yet sound very dry, my eyes are looking down and worst of all, my voice tone reminds everyone of droopy the dog. Who in the world will I convince…

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