Steps to Forgiveness and the Benefits

1. What is the definition of forgiveness? A conscious decision to release resentment or vengeance for an individual or a group regardless if they deserve it or not.  The process does not mean you are excusing, condoning the issues or forgetting.  However, you’re committed to your health and positively moving forward by all means necessary.Continue reading “Steps to Forgiveness and the Benefits”

Be the Change You Desire to See!

My mother’s words constantly play in my head daily. She used to always say, ‘Love ❤️ is a verb…an action word.  It’s deeper than what you say, it’s a testament to what you DO!’ We all have gifts and talents that we can share. I believe deep in my soul it starts with the powerContinue reading “Be the Change You Desire to See!”

Inspiration for Greatness

Good Morning, Genesis 1:27 states God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created male and female & gave us dominion, power, and authority over all creatures. Therefore, it is our God given right to be “Great & Let Our Light Shine Everyday”, have a Blessed Week & Pay itContinue reading “Inspiration for Greatness”