Always remember who You Are! A Child of God!!!

I heard a doctor tell my client who he would never be because of his barriers. I instantly had a flash back. As a result, remember being told by a high school teacher I wasn’t college material. Thankfully, My Mother was Dorothy Mae Roberson!!! My Mother overcame so many adversities and when I told her what that teacher said, my Mother simply said Sharon God made You in His Image! You are More Than Enough and Everything You Need, God Already Put it in You! You Just have to Have Faith of A Mustard Seed and Work HARD.

I believe my Mother and trusted God’s Words and not only graduated from college with my bachelors but got My Master Degree in Science and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Be careful who you let speak over You! Always trust the God in You and do Your Part! Speak Life Over You and Everyone Attached to You!

I’m going to Encourage my client that he can be and do whatever he sets his mind to achieve. We all have barriers but they are not a life sentence. Address barriers and keep it moving upward and onward!!! Know Your Worth and Who You Belong Too!!!

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