Good Morning Everyone!  Today, I woke up despite a few aches and pains and declared today, another day of blessing!  Each one of us is favored with the gift of LIFE.  It’s God’s present to us.

Declare how you will spend your gift.  Time is of the essence, and the gift comes with no refunds or returns.  You are entrusted with 24 hours called the PRESENT.  Use your gift everyday.  Let someone know that God is the light, amazing, loving, fantastic, awesome, and always there!  We all have to claim our power, proclaim we are his child, and live in his light and witness his anointing.

Nothing is too hard, and he is always there if we need him and call on him.  Let’s show God through our actions.  Let’s be intentional and strive to put love in our plan everyday!  We all have something to offer; even if it is a smile or a compliment.  Be the light wherever you go; in any season of your life.  Trust him and know, all is well.

Yesterday, at church, I realized I let my fire go out when my mother passed.  I was grieving, angry and lost.  Dorothy Mae Roberson was so much to me, and now I truly realize she came and completed her earthly assignment.  Now, it’s my turn for her legacy of being a God fearing witness to continue.  I was required to get my fire back, and get back to doing God’s work; wherever I go.  Love is a action word and an opportunity to magnify God and convey how awesome he is.  If we trust and seek him, do his will, God will always provide and give us beauty for our actions.  So, time for me to put all those lessons into actions and let the beauty of my mother’s legacy shine through me. For all trees are known by the fruit it produces.

Let’s figure out each day, how we can make a difference, mentor, volunteer, help tutor, take a senior grocery shopping, be a foster parent, share your talents! So, well done mom and great fruit!  The seeds you planted in me are sprouting.  Your light shines brightly Dorothy Mae Roberson, RIH until we meet again on the other side! 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺