Happy Women’s History Month and Remember to Honor and Appreciate All the Wonderful Women in Your Life. Never forget the Power of Today Because One Day a Moment Will Become Priceless Memories.

I will share a few reasons why my Mother was strong, powerful and simply, Great! To begin with, my Mother fiercely Loved God and Put him 1st Always. My Mother knew her Bible and her memory was simply phenomenal. She memorized the Bible and if any one was in a competition with reciting verses they could forget it. My Mother always would tell anyone who would listen you have to put God 1st, without Faith it is impossible to please God, Jesus Save, Prayer is Powerful, Love is a Verb, when 2 or 3 gather in the Lord’s name, he is there and God Can Do Anything But Fail.

When my Mom was 10 years old, her father was killed in their house and my Mom volunteered to clean up the entire room so her mother wouldn’t have to do it. My Mother said his brains and blood was everywhere and she cleaned the room because her mother needed her more than ever. Out of 13 children, my mother rose to the occasion. When my Mom moved to Chicago from Florida, she sent every other check in its entirety to her mother who had 13 children she was supporting after my grandfather’s death. She got audited by the IRS and had every paycheck to show her actions and commitment to her mother and siblings. She was loving, empathetic, kind and supportive from a very early age. Dorothy Mae Roberson let her light shine, put God 1st and let Me know For Sure Love is A Verb!!!❤️❤️❤️