Sharon Rowe

Happy Blessed Friday and Remember to Always Put God First.

Helpful tips!

  1. If you have a question or need help, seek wise counsel or a Mentor.
  2. Always know that faith without works is dead and it is impossible to please God Without the Faith of a Mustard seed.
  3. Closed Mouths Will Never Get Fed. Don’t be afraid to take risks, fail, hear no and to believe in You. Know Your Worth and Value!
  4. Great Leaders think We instead of I, Win/ Win.
  5. Always be genuine and pay great attention to your environment and bring integrity everywhere you go. The word will travel.
  6. Empathy and kindness never goes out of Style.
  7. Alway have a work life balance! You can’t save every, Person, Place or Thing! Have Healthy Boundaries, NO is a SENTENCE!
  8. Don’t miss the important dates with your family and friends. You will regret it if you do. Plus, Be Clear Your Presence is a Gift! All relationships and even professional one should Lift or Thrust You to Higher Levels by Examples or the Environment. The ones that are Weights and Drags/ Drains Need Limits or eliminating. Time is priceless and irreplaceable!!!
  9. It is never a competition but a process of becoming the Very Best You!
  10. Finally, Be the Change You Want to See! Always be 100% You and Be Open to Learn and Accept Constructive Criticism. Growth Requires Challenges and often Uncomfortable Situations but Diamonds 💎 are Produced from these Conditions.