Happy Blessed Thursday and Remember We Serve a Always on Time God! Last Thursday, my world was tested. My 15 year old daughter suffered a concussion and had a severe headache and was hospitalized. When your child is hurting, in pain, it is one of the worst feelings in the world. I remember thinking Lord I need you to show up now and watch over my child.

My daughter definitely has a gift. When I came to visit her that next morning. She told me she slept well and wasn’t afraid when her dad and I left the hospital. She then shared a beautiful thing. She said mom, angels were at the hospital. She said she had two in her room. One was my father in law. That was so comforting to me. This is the second time, she has been able to share information about angels.

When my mother passed, my daughter had an experience and my mother told her stuff that only my mother knew. Plus, she shared she got to meet my mother’s twin and described her in great detail. It amazed me because I never told her my mother was a twin because her twin had passed over 20 years ago.

Children are such a Wonderful Gift!
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