No man is an island and we all are in need and require support. Every man needs, God, air, water, food, shelter and love. Abraham Maslow was 1000% Right regarding the Hierarchy of Needs and how our needs and wants shape us as people. We are Beautifully Human! Flawed, yet hopefully and striving each day to only be better than the Man or Woman we previously saw in the mirror the day before! ❤️❤️❤️

Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of Needs

The Beautiful thing about life and getting older is you get wiser. You realize that you want to build more bridges and dismantle all the fences. As one of my favorite Artist album title quotes by Jill Scott We All are “Beautifully Human”.

As we approached thanksgiving season, let us all rise to the occasion and be our Best and Strive for Excellence! Remembering the Sun Can Always Shine on You and Me at the Same Time and it is Never a Competition! Just like God Love, is Sufficient for Everyone it Warms and Shines on! So Let Your Light 💡 Shine! Be a Blessing!

Jill Scott

So let’s all humble ourselves, be empathetic, extend our love, compassion and support and Be Doers! Let Our Kind Actions Speak for Us! Pay it Forward! Speak Life and Encourage Someone Today Including YOURSELF! We all Can Be the Positive Change We Wish to SEE!!!

Be the Positive Change You Wish to See

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