This event reminded me God is still in control and can use whoever he wants to. Therefore, a Angel can even be a 5 year old child. I took my nephew shopping for a fire truck 🚒 because I told him God used him and he is a hero and one of God’s Angel’s on earth. ❤️

God has angels on earth and in heaven. Every time I see this picture of my wonderful nephew I’m reminded of God at work. One evening, my nephew was sitting looking out his window and witnessed a man who fell off his motorcycle. My nephew ran and told my sister and sure enough my little adorable nephew was correct. The paramedics came and was able to assist the man and get him the appropriate medical treatment. My sister called and I got to talk to my nephew and he was so excited because he was able to help. He said the paramedics said his quick response helped the motorcyclist tremendously because it was night time and perhaps no one would have seen the accident due to the timing.

Children are Angels on Earth

#godisgood #godisfaithful #godisincontrol