Recently, I posted a piece regarding a senior woman who basically did not like her hands because they had evidence of aging in her eyes. Therefore, she almost turned down a manicure and initially considered getting a clear polish because she did not want to attract any extra attention to her hands. Eventually, she was convinced to go with pink and loved her hands. That incident reminded me so much of my own Mother and when she got her very first manicure. In my opinion, the devil is always busy because through my eyes her hands were extraordinary.

Her hands tell a beautiful story of a life lived well and graciously enjoying the ride! ❤️❤️❤️

In my mind, all I could see is Blessed! To begin with, I saw a woman who was blessed to see many seasons and through it all learned how to embrace and enjoy the ride. I saw a woman who probably touch thousands of lives, prepared many meals, an perhaps prayed and made a significant impact on many through those wonderful hands.

Likewise, it definitely made me reflect and wish I had the opportunity to see my own mother’s hands again and hold them and tell her how Amazing she was! Dorothy Mae Roberson let me get her very 1st manicure and she Absolutely loved it and came home and told my dad proudly, I can’t do any dishes today because look at my hands. I laughed and explained to my Mother she had a no chip manicure and she could wash all the dishes she wanted to and her hands won’t mess up! It was amazing because I saw she loved her hands and through her own eyes, saw the beauty in them just like I did.

My Mother hands, prayed for me, made my clothes, showed me how to cook, how to sew, funny how to speak and use your hands and most importantly how to touch and agree and pray with her! My Mother was Amazing and I dearly Miss Her and would give anything to touch those hands and enjoy the presence of her company.

My Mother’s Hands

She after receiving over 110,000 views and hundreds of comments of other people saying they felt the same way I decided to take action.

I know the holidays are approaching fast and wouldn’t it be a Wonderful idea if we created a challenge and agreed to pay it forward and do something nice for a Senior in our own community locally. We can create Thousands of Beautiful Hands and Smiles!!! I contacted my friend Larry Roberts who owns a salon in the Walmart in Chicago and prepay for a 5 seniors ladies to have a manicure and I prepaid for 5 senior men to have a haircut in honor of my Mother Dorothy Mae Roberson!

My Mother’s Legacy is alive and well and her hands are still touching other through me now! Plus, My Beautiful Bestie from grammar school, Kimberly Jones Mother’s name was also Dorothy Mae and her mother has passed on too and we both agreed we are going to do something wonderful to ensure as long as we are alive, we use our hands to touch the lives of a senior and let them know they are loved and appreciated this thanksgiving!!! We have to do like her daddy said who recently just passed, put our hands on it and let our loved be felt through our actions and words! Love is a verb!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Love Never Dies! It’s eternal and the only gift that
can reach heaven from earth! ❤️😍❤️