Yesterday, I met with my mentor and she gave me two wonderful pieces of advice that gave me a light bulb moment. Let God be God and you are not responsible for saving everyone. After she said that, I immediately thought about a train.

When you get on a train, you resolve yourself that all responsibility for your safe arrival is in God’s and the conductor’s hands. I don’t even question it. Likewise, I realized just like in life, many people will get on and off the train and come in and out of my life and I will moving forward embrace that reality.

When someone decides to get off the train, the conductor doesn’t stop them. He just make sure they arrive safely and exit appropriately. Light bulb moment is I need to do the same. God is gracious and he doesn’t force us to serve him or stay on the train. When we decide to get on or off, he is there willing and waiting to direct us and our path. So if it don’t fit, I won’t force it.

So moving forward I’m resolved to sit back and enjoy this train ride called life and embrace all the arrivals and departures with a smiles! As the saying goes people come for a season, reason or a lifetime but everything happens for your good. It is either a Blessing or Lesson and either will be instrumental in your growth. Tests always comes before testimonies, so hold tight and enjoy the ride!!! ❤️🙏🏾❤️

Thanks Toleda Hart for the Wonderful Advice and May God Continue to Bless and Keep You! ❤️❤️❤️

Life is adventure and enjoy the ride!