Dark Skin

Good Morning, Wow I saw a movie preview for a documentary name “Dark Child”, very powerful & made me cry this morning! This was my life story! When I had my children, the very sad truth was I was so excited because they all were very light or looked mixed!!! I would never seriously date a dark man because it was no way I was going to have a dark child! So very sad!!! Did not want my children to know my pain!!! Bradinn French is TELLING MY STORY!!!!! I had very low self-esteem because I hated my color. I was called blackie, burnt black skilet, Olive Oil, cute to be dark, pretty hair & nail for a dark girl & so many hurtful thing. I was so shy because the people who let me know my color was unacceptable was first my family. My cousins & brother used to roast me every single weekend. Oh how I hated to go outside & play with children because most of my cousins were mixed or light skinned & I wanted no parts of additional teasing. I was selected to run for Ms. Illinois USA in 1993 & I was excited because I felt official. That I was finally worthy to be appreciated. When I was in high school, I always had boyfriends but I was extremely shy!  Ironically, they only type of boys I was attracted too & still to this day was a super high yellow man or white!  It was no way in the world I was going to take a chance on bringing a dark child to be teased & suffer like I did. What’s so sad, almost every man I have dated despite my father being dark & I love so dearly were extremely light skinned or white. My children are all yellow & I was praising God for that. Very sad isn’t it. I model now and I’m married to a very light skinned man. Getting a man has never been a problem but my self-esteem would always make me wonder why light skinned guys or any guy for that matter was attracted to me. I knew I had a beautiful body but always struggle when my husband or any man for that matter says hello beautiful. I still hear burnt black skillet in the back-ground. So thanks again for telling my story!  Only wished I could have participated in this movie!!!

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