Good Morning, Wow I saw a movie preview for a documentary name “Dark Child”, very powerful and made me shed a few tears! This was my life story! When I had my children, the very sad truth was I was so excited because they all were very light or looked mixed!!! I would never seriously date a dark man because it was no way I was going to have a dark child!

So very sad! I Did not want my children to know my pain! Bradinn French is TELLING MY STORY!!! I had very low self-esteem because I hated my color. I was called blackie, burnt black skilet, Olive Oil, cute to be dark, pretty hair and nails for a dark girl & so many hurtful thing.

I was so shy because the people who let me know my color was unacceptable was first my family. My cousins and brother used to roast me every single weekend. Oh how I hated to go outside and play with children because most of my cousins were mixed or light skinned and I wanted no parts of additional teasing.

I was selected to run for Ms. Illinois USA in 1993 and I was excited because I felt official. That I was finally worthy to be appreciated. When I was in high school, I always had boyfriends but I was extremely shy!  Ironically, they only type of boys or men I was attracted too were men with very fair or light skin. It was no way in the world I was going to take a chance on bringing a dark child to be teased & suffer like I did.

What’s so sad, almost every man I have dated despite my father being dark and I love him so dearly were extremely light skinned or white. My children are all yellow & I was praising God for that. Very sad isn’t it. I’m married to a very light skinned man and we have had some pretty interesting conversation about the topic of skin color and how is really shouldn’t matter and how the internal issues impacted us both.

My previous poor self-esteem would always make me wonder why light skinned guys or any guy for that matter was attracted to me. I knew I had a beautiful body but always struggle when my husband or any man for that matter says hello beautiful. I still hear burnt black skillet in the back-ground. So thanks again for telling my story!  Only wished I could have participated in this movie!!!