I saw online something great that needed to be shared. Our children need to be affirmed in order for them to be and do great things. Everybody needs and deserves to feel loved and appreciated. Love truly makes the world go round!

25 Ways to Praise a Child or Your Children

(1) You’re spectacular
(2) You are responsible
(3) You make me happy
(4) I respect you
(5) You made my day
(6) A big hug
(7) A big kiss
(8) Super work
(9) I’m proud of you
(10) Super
(11) You’re beautiful
(12) You mean the world to me
(13) How nice
(14) Now you’ve got it
(15) Remarkable job
(16) Great discovery
(17) Marvelous
(18) Looking good
(19) You’re a star
(20) Well done
(21) Good
(22) Wow
(23) You’ve discovered the secret
(24) I trust you
(25) Say I Love You