This morning my heart is heavy and very saddened because I woke up to the news Regina King’s son passed from Suicide. I can empathize with Regina because I have children and 2 grown sons and only grace saved my son. I remember seeing him struggling and wondering why didn’t I see this potential behavior health crisis sooner. As working parents, finding a work life balance is CHALLENGING.

This pass Year my 25 year old son struggled with his mental health as a result from witnesses a traumatic event during his military training. A young man killed himself due to the pressure right in front of my son. That experience caused my son PTSD and resulted in my own son’s suicidal thoughts and over 18 hospitalization.

As a result, I’m currently a Youth Mental Health First Aid provider. Everyone should know they are loved, help is available, behavior health is manageable and treatable, you never have to struggle alone and help is just a telephone call away!

Please save these free resources and let your loved ones know how valuable and important they are to you! No one is perfect, failure, challenges and mental health is a task we all manage daily. I want everyone to know help is free and available 24/7.