As 51 approaches fast and the year comes quickly to an end, I sit here and reflect how time is such a present and a gift. Some may wonder why all the positive quotes and scriptures. The truth is it helps me stay connected to my Mother.

My Mother loved God and Jesus was her Bestfriend. Every single day we talked, she made me believe everything was possible and through prayer and touching and agreeing, nothing was beyond my reach. Every time she spoke, she had an encouraging word and a scripture to go with it. My Mother was a great speaker and her memory was phenomenal. To this day she is is the only person I knew in my world who memorized the King James Bible.

In church, she was a treat to see in Action. In the church a pastor would call a verse and say stand when you have it. My Mother would always just get up and start reciting the verses. She knew her Bible backwards and forwards and studied it everyday of her life.

Now that she has passed, I miss her dearly and all her encouragement. I play and hear her lessons daily in my mind.

So all I can say is love the people in your life that mean something and always let them know you care. Time is a gift and many of us wish we simply just had another 5 minutes. Forget, forgive and prioritize your time and who is worthy to get it! It will be the best decision you will ever make!!! ❤️

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