Yesterday, I completed a task that I have given a lot of thought and time. However, yesterday was the day I put my thoughts into action.
I strongly believe you have to be the change you wish to see in the world. Change in my 🌎 will always start with me.

I personally had 3 life events that motivated me to be at this point. When my mother passed in 2014,

A doctor approached my father and myself and asked if we would consider our mother to be an organ donor. In that moment, the answer was No!!! The doctor tried to explain that my mother was in great condition and her organs could help save many lives. My mother never smoked nor drank and was in great shape. Our answer was still NO!

Fast forward, my bestie from college John Williams, was on the transplant list for years needing a kidney. Unfortunately in March of 2019, my heart stopped for a moment. I got the call no one wants to hear. My bestie was gone. To this day I won’t erase his voicemail.
I replay it often. Praise the lord for the iCloud!

Another friend that I consider family Kev Dee, had a heart transplant in 2017. I can’t imagine life without my friend. His story about his heart transplant is simply so inspiring and was the icing on the cake! Life can go on and a transplant can provide a wonderful quality of life.

I realized in that moment, LOVE LIVES on because a heart never dies! ❤️❤️❤️

“Team Registered and Proud!”
When my time is up, the love in my heart will live on and other organs will help other families to realize love continues! ❤️❤️❤️

#registereddonor #loveliveson #beadonor

#registereddonor #loveliveson #Beadonor