This year God willing, I will turn 50 on 12/31/2020. What an interesting journey and I’m grateful for everything the good, bad and the ugly because everything has a purpose in our growth journey on earth. Everything is a Blessing or a Lesson. No exceptions! When you have been at deaths door a few times, 7, 25, 36 and 48 you get over so many things so quickly because you know if it wasn’t for God’s Grace and Mercy 6 ft down could have been your story.

In 7 years, I have seen 29 near and dear people in my life transcend and they will always be a part of my journey.

Cherish the day and love ❤️ hard. Plus know the other side is real. I will never forget when I got to experience temporarily the other side. I was in the process of having a caesarean and the curtain was up and the surgeon start to cut my stomach and the anesthesia did not work. I got to feel the cut and everyone’s knew something was wrong!

They immediately put everyone that was family out and gave me gas and put me to sleep. At least that was what they thought, an incredible thing happened. I got to come over my body and saw everything. I could hear everything and see everything although I was technically sleep. When I was put into recovery and I was technically out sleep. I could hear everything and still see everything going on and who was in the room.

When I finally physical woke up, I told only my mother and best friends. Michelle Davis-Sands was there and knew, Deloris Foster and My Mother Dorothy! My baby lived 4 days and then left for heaven. I got to hold him as he transcended. My beautiful blue eyed, baby boy.

I told God, if I could live after that, 19 staples, and saying good bye to my 3 pound/ 1 ounce son I had carried for 7 months and breast was producing milk for a child that had left, I said to myself absolutely nothing in life again would break me. My son’s 4 days changed my life and I wrote a list of things I needed to accomplish in his honor. I decided to get my masters degree that day, buy a house, and do all the things I feared.

To make a long story short, I got into grad school and graduated Summa cum laude. What’s so cool about it, I wasn’t even supposed to qualify for grad school because my undergrad gpa was only a 2.7 and I should of had a 3.0. But, in the end, Sharon was the 2 student in her class that finished Everything, did my defense and my 168 page paper was approved. Won’t God Do it!!! Especially since I barely got in!!!

Peace and Blessings and Know God has Us All and the Final Say!!! Count down to 50!!! ❤️😍❤️