Happy Sunday!

Today is a gift! That’s why it is called the present. For many employees in corporate or the private sector, July 1 st. is the beginning of the new fiscal year. Therefore, why not start today with your New Year’s Resolution for yourself. Today, can be the beginning of you choosing you back to wholeness and a healthy, mind, body and spirit.

After my mother passed, I was so sad or even depressed. I could function but only did the necessary things in life only, family, work & my daughter’s required school activities. So around December, I crossed paths with a life coach Monique that reminded me how powerful God was and always will be. Her instructions was to write a list to God of want you want.

However, before doing it I had to forgive ever person, place or thing that kept my heart not right. She invited me to a burning bowl church event at Church where we had to bring the request to God letters and the list of who we forgave.

To make it short, I wrote a list of 10 things and shortly afterwards. Everything on my list came into reality. For example, I wanted a new car, a got a new Lexus. I wanted a nice vacation, my father-in-law called and book a 8 day cruise with a balcony view, his treat for my birthday/ family and sister-in-law and her entire family.

I quickly realize, there is power 💥in forgiveness, prayer and writing ✍🏽 it down. So after all the 10 things on my list occurs. My best friend at work calls me and confided she is distressed about living in her apartment 14 years.

So I told her about my secret weapons that I learned from my mother and combined the two events and mother’s teaching. My mother raised me in the COGIC church, so we always prayed and touched and agreed when we needed God to do something for us.

So I told my friend, don’t worry! I know exactly what to do. We had a department team meeting coming up and I told her to come to the meeting early. I told her to do the things I learned from the life coach about forgiveness and told her to right down her lists of wants and who to forgive. We came an hour early, and sat in my new Lexus truck and touched and agreed.

She asked God to get her out of her apartment into a house. A promotion and peace at work as a few others things on the list. To make a long story short, my Friend Ebony Howard closed on her house in less than 35 days and got promoted. Her home is simply gorgeous and we always smiled and think thank God for a praying mother, grandmother, mentor and people with discernment who share with us God power 💥🔥💥and ways to get a prayer through delivered through Jesus and Praise.

We have monthly personal ICT meeting because we know it is power 💥🔥💥in old school, olive Bless oil anointing touching and agreeing prayer and writing down our requests.

Why share this information, the answer is simple! I want all my brothers and sisters to win and cross like Tyler Perry said in his speech a few day ago. I know God is able and what he does for one, he will do for all because he loves us all the same. All we have to do is ask, praise and stand on his word literally and physically until the Blessings show up! Happy Thursday and happy list writing! God will always show up and show out!🌺

Hope this helps someone! 🌺😊🌺