A Closer Look – February 2018, Featured Interview: Chicago’s Very Own, Art “Chatdaddy” Sims!

Almost 8 years ago, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting the legendary King of Chat! The one and only Chatdaddy! He agreed to assist myself with a fundraiser and relationship chat to benefit children and families involved with DCFS. Many moons later, he has conducted hundreds of relationships chats and interviewed almost everyone including my favorite Maya Angelou. So please enjoy the wonderful nuggets Art shared with me during the month of love and healthy relationships! 💕

1. What is the most important quality in a person?

Honesty above all things. No matter who you are and no matter what you’ve been through, it’s most important that you are honest about yourself and your past.

2. What legacy do you want to leave and why is it important to you?

I want to leave this earth as a person who truly tried to make a difference for the betterment of mankind while I was continuing to understand and grow stronger in my spiritual awareness about life.

3. Who is the most interesting person you have interviewed? (When you did Maya Angelou, I had tears!!!)

That’s a really great question… I’ve interviewed thousands of famous people over the years. Maya Angelou had to have been the best by far… she actually prophesied over my life during our interview. It was a life changing experience.

4. Why are relationships successful or not?

I’m always so fascinated with couples who are able to make their relationship work and to be successful because relationships require dedication, commitment and years of hard work. Most people are too afraid to put in the effort to make their relationship work.

What are the top 5 deal breaker?

1. Dishonesty

2. Being insensitive of others

3. Having little to no faith

4. Not having a passport

5. Not being adventurous

Art Sims affectionately know as “Chat Daddy” is the host and executive producer  of Real Talk, Real People with Chat Daddy, a nightly (Monday through Thursday) entertainment magazine show on WVON 1690am that offers its listeners local and national lifestyle stories, relationship advice, celebrity interviews and more. With more than 24 years of media experience in radio, television and print.

Sims is a familiar and welcomed voice in many diverse communities in Chicago and around the world. Known for humor, quick wit, charming conversation and amiable personality, “Chat Daddy” has traveled both nationally and international, providing inspirational, educational and vital information on the development and maintenance of positive, sustainable relationships. In 2009, he was recognized as a social dynamo by Monarch Magazine as one of Chicago movers and shakers in the media world and he was also inducted into the second edition of Who’s Who in Black Chicago.

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