April 26, 2014, near 2am my life changed forever!

Dorothy Mae Roberson

My Mother passed away and the world shifted for me. Death is a complex emotional roller coaster and the ride is still going for me. However, death is also a beautiful thing and you actually can gain collateral beauty from it. Will Smith tried to explain in a previous movie named Collateral Beauty.

My Mother’s death, instantly changed my life. My Mother died unexpectedly at 69 years old. My Mother had high blood pressure and was slightly overweight and developed sleep apnea and didn’t know it. Long story short, she simply held her breath too long and passed away. Hindsight is always 20/20. I often think how my family and myself could have done many things differently.

So how did my Mother’s death impact me?

  1. I value people more and my time
  2. Family always will come 1st
  3. I Forgive, let silly stuff go quick and No is a sentence!
  4. I honor my Mother’ s Legacy by Giving My Time, Money or Resources
  5. I value the seniors still in my life and tell them
  6. I pray and value her lessons daily
  7. I understand 6ft up is a Gift
  8. Prayer is Powerful and Necessary
  9. Trust God and never put questions marks where God puts periods!
  10. Be the change you wish to see in the world and let the Jesus in You be Seen! Be his Agent through how you live and treat people! Always be kind and empathetic. People never
    forget how you make them feel!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  11. Your health matter and you have to prioritize it and do your annual wellness exams
  12. I will sign the back of my driver license to be a donor. We could have possibly saved another life. Encourage other to discuss end of life plans to avoid future stress and have clear clarity on your loved one’s wishes. This is priceless! When you absolutely know the wishes/ decisions are so much easier to make! ❤️

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