Make Your Time Count!

On June 22, 1995, an extremely hot day in Chicago. The weather had been almost 100 degrees for several days and it was declared a heat emergency. Hundreds of people died that month as a result of the extreme heat in Chicago. In addition to the crazy heat, I gave birth to my 1st. Child via emergency C-Section. I was very excited and hopeful. However, 4 days later my son passed away after 19 staples. I was on the maternity ward and suffered from engorging breast and no baby to feed and a pain that pierced the soul.

Then I promised God in my hospital room, I would use my pain as focus and motivation. I decided to get my masters, buy a house and remember life is always a gift! Each day your allowed the opportunity of being 6ft up, value and appreciate that present.

Time is the ultimate gift and that is why it is called the present. It is the only thing we never can replace or get a refund. Therefore, always value your time and who gets it! Starting today, established healthy boundaries and let no person, place or thing cross that line moving forward!

Time is Irreplaceable
Healthy Boundaries

Always choose your peace, forgive, move forward and don’t look back. Embrace you and make it a standard to be appreciated and not tolerated. It is absolutely a DIFFERENCE! If someone doesn’t appreciate your presence, let them absolutely enjoy your absence. The best intervention of all time to me is the Caller ID! It’s a game changer and in my opinion worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize! As a result, we never again in life have to talk to anyone who is toxic and attack our heart, mind or spirit! Just look and let that telephone ring!!! ❤️❤️❤️