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On 4/26/18, my high school friend committed suicide. Rhonda and I were extremely close in high school and she spent countless nights at my parents home. Rhonda was Brilliant. I mean that literally and naturally smart. I remember the day so clearly when she said I want to be a lawyer and leave her career of being an RN. I cracked a joke and said Rhonda, because it’s you and your so SMART go for it. I went with her to her orientation at Kent Law School and I was so excited for her. She graduated with high honors and was elected to be a judge.

Rhonda, help me get my first job and a huge factor of me making the honor roll in high school. Rhonda was that type of person that had high expectations and worked hard and had very little tolerance for not striving. She paid so much attention to the details.

Possible Warning Signs

We need to learn to take better care of our mental health as well as our physical health. We have to create an environment were we make our loved ones feel comfortable telling us they are not ok and no judgment, just love, understanding, support and encouragement to seek help. I regret not going out that last time. I have learned through death to make time for those you love and let them know how you feel all the time.

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I decided to share because especially in times like this, we might not know we have a family member or friend struggling with their mental health because they always appear so strong. Call, listen and check on your family and friends. Sometimes people suffer in silence and it’s my hope that perhaps this might help one person. Comforted that my friend knew I admired, loved and was very proud of her. Shared our last text. ❤️🙏🏾❤️