Write the Vision and Watch God

Today when I woke up, I was excited! No more depression and sadness. I know now, that God is always with us! No matter the circumstances or season, God is always there!

When my mother died, I literally felt that nothing mattered anymore. My mother was my best friend and deeply connected to my success and motivation. However, when she passed I became empty and robotic. Went to work, did my motherly duties but felt very empty.

This went on for a season until watching Joel Osteen and he challenged me to Give God a year consistently. So at the end of the year, I wrote a list of things I wanted to fix and address in my life. I heard about a burning bowl service by a friend and I went. It was awesome and we all wrote down who we needed to forgive. Then we wrote a letter telling God what we wanted for him to do for us individually. The church collected the letters and mailed them back 6 months later.

Well I have to say God showed me once again, he is awesome!!! Just to tell a few things God did, I asked for a new vehicle. I decided I was going to the dealership and was going to test drive the car that I wanted. I did this because Joel said whatever you want, you have got to see it first. Get a strong visual picture. So I went to the Lexus dealership and found the SUV I wanted and simply claimed it in Jesus Name.

The next day, I called my credit union and wouldn’t you know it, the approval came back in about 5 minutes. I had my friend Ebony drive me to the Lexus Dealership in Westmont and soon as the salesman took me out on the lot, I saw my SUV immediately. I told him there is my SUV. He said you have to test drive it first. I laughed because he didn’t understand I had already did this. This was the truck I claimed and prayed for already. We went around the block and I said I got my pre-approval and this is it. He said we got hundreds to select from are you sure? I said absolutely, my father made sure it had everything I wanted.

I learned that whatever you want from God, all you have to do is ask, have faith and thank him until the vision is fulfilled. It works every time! Claim it, declare it and praise him in advance! Now it’s approaching that time of year again and I need to think about my new list and 2020’s vision book and board. So thankful last Saturday the last payment was submitted! The Lord is still answering prayer and on time! ❤️😊❤️

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