The Gift of the Present

April 26, 2014, around 2 am my world 🌎 completely changed in an instant. My mother Dorothy Mae Roberson, died in her sleep. Death is a very real part of life, however one aspect that many of us AVOID dealing with or planning for accordingly. Everyone should have a will, power of attorney, advance directives or a trust, plus it goes without saying an insurance policy. When your grieving the last thing in the world you want to do is the following:

1. Write an obituary for someone you loved!

2. Call friends/family & explain how or why.

3. Tell people please bring food because cooking is impossible and we often forget to eat.

4. Check on me after the funeral because those days are the hardest.

5. Grief goes in stages, the 1st year is just an introduction to life is very different and you must move forward and keep the legacy alive.

The absolutely blessing that came from a very painful place is everyday is a truly a gift from my prospective. Although, I treated my mother well and she was my best friend. When I say with every fiber of my being, you don’t miss your well until your water runs dry.

Trust me when I say I understand. I miss being great to my mother. However, now the baton has been passed down to me & I carry the baton with pride and joy. Every second counts and everyday I think about the lessons my mother instilled and love for God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost and wake up determined to be the change I wish to see.

Each morning that I wake up, 6ft up is simply blessed. Rain ☔️, shine 🌞, snow ❄️ ⛄️ or windy 💨 count it all as a blessing. Today is named the present because it is truly a gift to wake up and be alive. Never stop being excited about that wonderful fact.

In closing, make everyday count! Forgive, Love 💕 and be the light 💡 this world 🌍 dearly needs!!! 💕😊💕

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