On Fire for God

Anyone that knew me this last 3 years, can witness that I went into my natural quiet place when my mother passed. The fire πŸ”₯ in me almost went out. I went to church on Sunday and Pastor Dan testimony on the Philippines helped set my flame back on fire πŸ”₯.  
Serving God fills my spirit and I want to keep my fire fresh. My prayers this week was for God to use me & allow me to be an agent for him. Telling whoever, the spirit lead me about God and Jesus. Explaining my asks of kindness, is my heart listening to God & doing his will by planting and sowing seeds into people in need.  

It’s been an AWESOME WEEK and all I can say is you can’t beat God giving, no matter how you try!

Last night, got a call due to my linked in account and a opportunity that ONLY God could explain Presented itself all the way from California.  Being on fire for God allows the Blessings to flow. 😍❀️😍

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