500,307 steps and counting! ❤️😊❤️

Earlier this year I went to the doctor and he said Sharon you have gained the Covid-19 25 pounds. Meaning working remotely and sitting on the couch/ table/ desk for 8 hours a day and not exercising has effectively caused me to gain weight. I said to myself, Wow! My clothes was tight and I simply didn’t appreciate that the pandemic had took away many things but it wasn’t going to have my health and give me extra pounds!!!! Especially, since I was a Care Coordinator and Care Planning and Disease Management is my thing!

I became my own Care Manager and Care Planned MY OWN SELF.

  1. I only drink water.
  2. Work out by simply walking everyday rain or shine for an hour.
  3. Wake up early and prayer and mediate
  4. Limited the negative people, places and things.
  5. Read everyday and become more active with my blogging everyday before 8am.
  6. Purchased a smart scale
  7. Download Step app
  8. Stayed in contact with my mentors weekly
  9. Consistently go were I’m appreciated
  10. Most importantly put GOD FIRST!!!

It is December 26, 2021 and my deadline was 12/31/21, to hit my goal of 500,000 steps!

She DID IT! 500,307 steps, 216.12 miles!
We can do whatever we put our minds to do! Excited for 51 and what God has for 2022!!! ❤️

#godisgoodallthetime #Putgodfirst