Is it possible to have great relationships? I think so if we make choices that are in agreements with our vision for our life. Yesterday, as I was reviewing one of my favorite sites it dawned on me why do so many people in relationships ignore extremely obvious signs of “Disaster”? Is it not common knowledge that communication is 80% non-verbal? Likewise, non-verbal communication is not sign language or letter writing because those forms would still require the use of words. Non-verbal communication is body language…which happends to be the things that your body does without any conscious thought that always tell the real story.

For example, if someone simply asks me “How are you Sharon” and I reply wonderful yet sound very dry, my eyes are looking down and worst of all, my voice tone reminds everyone of droopy the dog. Who in the world will I convince that I’m truly happy? In my, opinion, I personally believe that I would not convince any person with common sense because thankfully my body language has spoken all the volumes necessary to the average person with any common sense! As a result, words are powerful but need to be expressed in a uniform manner with our body language. Therefore, in relationships, it is so perplexing to me why so many men and women waste so much valuable time on truly several DEAD SITUATIONS!

To begin with, what is a DEAD SITUATION? The following are 5 great examples:
1. If a guy or girl never calls or initiate any form of contact, they are simply not interested. End of story please stop wasting your precious time on the why and move on! Time is so valuable and can never be replaced once it is spent. As a result, everyone should be so selective about who, what, when, where, why and how their time will ever be spent. Life will never offer a return on our time so remember to always spend time well.
2. If a guy or girl wants to be married, they will ask and nothing will hold them back or stop them if they are truly interested. However, if it takes a man or woman 65 years and I’m being funny, they simply just either do not want to marry you, are waiting on the bigger and better opportunity or Marriage is not a priority or on the to do list in their book. Final answer, actions speak louder than words, no exceptions and stop fighting the obvious!
3. Desperate is NEVER ATTRACTIVE and is a turn off, enough said already!
4. Confidence is VERY ATTRACTIVE! Attractiveness is truly a state of mind and is expressed from the inside out! True confidence can be identified a mile away always! Likewise, true beauty is beautiful on the inside and out and that is the end of that story!
5. Communication in a relationship is vital to any relationship true success. When a person cares for or loves you, they will always make it their business to show if they are truly vested in the relationship. Grown-ups always ensures that home is intact, safe and secured because no one wants to lose their best friend, missing rib or soul mate if they can help it. Trust and believe that will definitely cause true pain and sorrow. However, if a person can let you go easily, you were never, ever on their keepers list and trust everyone has a list and knows who is and isn’t on it.
Finally, remember always to keep God first and commit to being an asset oppose to a liability in a relationship. Remember, that if you put God first and focus on being the very best you, God always does answer prayer if your willing to put faith and works together.