When Jared was 2, his father and I divorced and my son blessed me by showing me at the tender age of 2 that fathers are very important!!! I remember the first difficult task was meeting the girlfriend while my child was in the emergency room and they had just revived my son from being the color blue because he had stopped breathing. The second was going to my ex-husband’s girlfriend house for my son’s birthday party. I remember saying Jesus keep me and put on my happiest face! My sister Tiffany came with me and it felt like I was literally going to Hell! But, for Jared I was willing to do anything to help put a smile on my child’s face. As I walked out of that house, I knew, that I knew, that God was real! My ex-husband’s girlfriend family was so shocked at how nice I was to everyone! It was so obvious that they thought drama was very possible. The Lord was able to let my happiest face remain throughout the party and my son was so happy! That was the only goal and I knew the Lord was going to give me the strength!

Jared has been such a blessing to me! I have to tell you a story about Jared when I was single. One day when Jared & I was walking out the grocery store a man spoke to me and said hello. I looked surprised and when Jared and I got into my car Jared said, “Mommy are you going to be single forever, why didn’t you speak back to the man?” I looked at Jared and said to myself, wow out of the mouth of the child speaks the truth.

I will never forget the day my life changed forever on 8/24/2003, on the track of Morgan Park High School in Chicago. I met my husband officer Joseph Rowe and he is absolutely one of the best things that has ever happend to me! Joseph & I were married on 8/14/2004, and he has been absolutely key in my son Jared’s success and upbring! Joseph is a man’s, man and means BUSINESS!!! Joseph’s standanrds is EXCELLENCE and BELIEVES only the best will do! Anyone who knows him, knows what I’m talking about. It was very difficult sometimes as a mother to change and to let go of my ways and follow his path. Jared knew what Joseph said was not negotiable and he was firm! I have to say, Joseph taught my son how to ride a bike, that straight A’s in college is possible, that he means business and that love is more than just mere words. Love is all about actions! Thank You so much Joseph Rowe for being the man that I need as well as want. For being the Right man that Jared, Corey and Ashley need! For I have to acknowledge that our combine efforts will continue to bring forth great leaders and citizens of the world, that love God and know what their purpose is in Life! I might not say it everyday, but thank you for walking into my Life and Staying here through Everything! You are the blessing that God intended just for me!!! Plus for cooking each and everyday day!!!

Fast forward to the present, at Jared’s graduation was almost the entire blended family. Jared told me that he wanted to share his moment with everyone that played a key role in his life. Therefore, we explained to his teacher that was had to have additional tickets to accommodate all sides of the family. My husband Joseph, and daughter Ashley, My ex-husband Byron and his son Byron Jr. (his wife had to work), my parents Roosevelt & Dorothy, my ex-in-laws Marvin & Lilly, my sisters Tiffany, Jacqueline & brother Roosevelt Jr. and last but not least my best friend from high school Michelle.

In closing, as my son Jared walked the stage and received his 14 awards, I now know all of Joseph and my sacrifices and hard work is starting to paid off! This is just the beginning of more great things to come! My ex-father-law said Sharon you and Joe did an excellent job and I corrected him and said we all did!!! Each and every last one of us contributed to Jared’s success and I’m very thankful!

Thank God and the Lord, Jared was actually listening and he believes personally that “Greatness is a Choice”!!!